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Grace Nikae

Founder / Speaker / Influencer / Consultant, Gracefully Live Founder / Speaker / Influencer / Consultant, Gracefully Live

About this speaker

GRACE NIKAE has enjoyed a global, tour-de-force career as a world-renowned concert pianist, cultural ambassador, writer, speaker, entrepreneur, educator, thought leader, and change agent. As founder of Gracefully Live, Nikae is a leadership and empowerment expert guiding individuals to take ownership of and become leaders of their lives. As an executive performance and digital strategy consultant, she helps companies adopt progressive leadership practices and reshape growth through empowered innovation. Her singular strategies, innate understanding of future trends and changes, and talent for connecting with people have resulted in massive internal transformations and revenue growth for her clients and firmly established her as a visionary and thought leader within the business community. Nikae’s unique, dynamic approach remains deeply rooted in her personal experiences, education, and humanistic philosophy.

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